Foo Fighters – Times Like These

Here’s a mini ukulele sing-a-long! The names you see on screen are the ones supporting me on the crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser. Thanks to them, the YOUkulele Studio is almost a reality so… one more time… thank you.

How to play Times Like These on ukulele

Actually Dave Grohl did an acoustic version so I’m not coming up with anything new. With a couple tricks I believe it can sound pretty nice on the uke as well. Mainly, I’m using some other shapes to harmonize the arrangment. Like you can see, a simplified E minor (0 4 0 2) at the beginning and with a bar chord on the 7th fret during the second verse.

It’s certainly a good exercise to become more confident with new position you never get the chance to play. Eventually you’ll notice sometimes they can be even easier than basic shapes.

For any questions don’t hesitate to write me in the comments below!

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