Ukulele Kids: “Christmas on the Road” by Molly Jeanne

In giro per YouTube trovi un mare di fenomeni. Lo so io, lo sai te, lo sanno tutti.
Non è raro trovare bambini che suonano talmente bene l’ukulele da suscitare più reazioni: dalla depressione acuta del musicista navigato agli occhi a forma di cuore dei più teneroni.
Ogni settimana YOUkulele tira fuori dal cilindro l’Internet Next Best Thing>! Neo musicisti o aspiranti tali in età da coccola.

Mi presento

"Christmas on the Road" by Molly Jeanne

Christmas on the Road – Molly Jeanne original

We're taking a journey, with Christmas on our mind
Not knowing where we'll stop, or what we're gonna find
People think we're crazy, crossing all those state lines
What better time than Christmas to leave the real world behind

No, it doesn't matter where we are
Southbound on the highway in our car
We'll take the spirit with us where we go
It's a life we love, Christmas on the road

It's more than santa claus or balsam wreaths or bells
Or countless presents from soulless store shelves
It's doing things together, sights we never imagined
Not always having a plan, not sure what will happen


We'll make a home away from home
We'll bring fun wherever we roam
The hotel floor lamps will be our christmas trees
We don't need snow and ice to make some memories

All the wooden crosses on the side of the road
Make us think of ones we've lost and those who are unknown
Christmases we had with the ones that are gone
We'll say a prayer and drink a toast to the love they've passed on

*** Check out Molly's other videos by clicking MrGrumpyNY or visiting her on FaceBook at

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